Middle Brooke got Ch title of United Kingdom
Our girl Middle Brooke got Ch title of United Kingdom!!!!
Less than in 1 year!!!
Just one and only dog from past USSR who was able to get this title ! 3 CC and 3 R CC!
We are so proud of our girl! A Big Thank You to the all judges who gave such a high mark to our girl. And a separate Big ThankS to our friends Andrew and Louise Clark-McLean who cares about our girl in UK and show her. We love you, Guys xx
Legy, Mini Brooke
Today is the BEST day 2 our kids got BESTs :
- puppy boy Legy (AkitaVilla I am Legend) got Best Puppy in Show in CACIB show in Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Mini Brooke got Ch title of Belarus and BIS-1 in Minsk.

A Big Thank You to the all judges for your high marks of our dogs. Our congrats to the owner Tornike and to handler of Legy Roma Inashvili and to handler of Mini Brooke - Konstantin Gapankov
Wins on Cyprus, Georgia, Macedonia & Azerbaijan show
Young Akita Lady Mini Brooke !
29-30.03 have 3 J.BIS-1 & R.J.BIS -1 (Cyprus, Georgia, Macedonia & Azerbaijan show ) congrats to owners Oleg & Natalie AkitaVilla.
Many thanks Judges Zaza Omarov , Erodotos Neofytou, Nebojsa Savicic, Svetlana Buianovscaia.
foto: Екатерина Авдеева
Handling & Grooming Handler Pro Orlyk Katerina
many thanks for help Handler Pro Avdeeva Ekaterina
Kids winning
Hard but Winning last weeks for our kids :
Mini Brooke (Multi J CH Deja Vu AkitaVilla) - got CAC, Best Junior , 2 x BJIS and J CH titles of Moldova, Cyprus, Montenegro, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
Dita (Head Turner AkitaVilla) got brilliant debut and BEST BABY all the countries.
Solo (Multi CH Unitedcollars Beaufleet AkitaVilla) got CACs,CACIBs, BEST MALE, BOB, BIG and BIS + CH titles of Cyprus, Moldova, Georgia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan and title CH of the Caucasus.
Thank you to all the judges for their high marks of our dogs. And a big thanks to Катерина Орлик for good job she did and for her love to Solo lol xx
Brooke, Johny, Solo - INT Dog Show Lithuanian
INT Dog Show Lithuanian Winner'14 :
Mini Brooke - won her class, CAC, J CH Lietuva;
Brooke - got her class, CAC, CACIB, Besg Female,BOS, 4 x CH Lietuva;
Johny - won the class, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOB, 2 x CH Lietuva;
Solo - won his class, CAC, RCACIB, 2 x CH Lietuva.
Thank you to the judge Zdenka Julkova (Czech Republic) and to all the members of our team.
Middle Brooke - multi J CH did well in UK
Akita Villa presents: Middle Brooke United Collars Keeps Gettin Better. In just a few short months in the UK Brooke has 2CCs and 2 Reserve CCs and we are looking forward to showing her at Crufts'14 ))
De Javu . Kaunas,Lithuania
Mini Brooke (11 months) won Best Junior, Best of Breed and BIG-1 at strong competition today at the "Kaunas Winter-2014" dog show today.
A Big Thank You to the judges for such a high mark of this young girl.
And a separate Thank You to a handler Marija Zemlianskaja Magma.
We had a warm autumn :)). November 29
Beautiful Brooke :
- Ukraine ,Dnepr CACIB show - BIS 1.
- Belorussia, Minsk CACIB show - R BIS.
- Lithuania, Druskininkai CACIB show - BIS 3.
- Belorussia, Minsk CACIB show - BIS 4.
6хBIG-1 & 7BOB
Thank you to her handler Katerina Orlyk
Minsk (Belarus) CACIB. November 23-24 - Belarus
"AUTUMN-2013" Belarus, Minsk СACIB.
Melodor Burn the Witch - CAC, CACIB, Best Female, BOB, 2xBIG-1.
Deja Vu AkitaVilla - BEST JUNIOR.
AkitaVilla Beaufleet Unitedcollar's - CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOS
Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). August 24-25 - Ukraine
Akita Villa team had a nice week end in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine).
Mini Brooke - Best Puppy in Breed.
Rio - won his class, got 2 x CAC and new title of CH Ukraine.
Solo - won his class, CAC, RCACIB.
Johny - won his class, CAC, CACIB, BOS.
Brooke - CAC, CACIB, BIG-1, BIS-1.
Thank you to the judges for high marks of our dogs and to Katerina Orlyk for professional handling.
Druskininkai (Lithuania). August 3-4 - Lithuania
Our rising star Puppy Mini Brooke (Deja Vu Akita Villa) won Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Show -2 at 2 x CACIB Int Show in Druskininkai.
Johny (INTER MULTI CH Beaufleet Bite My Dust ) - CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOS.
Brooke (INTER MULTI CH Melodor Burn The Witch) - CAC, CACIB, Best Female, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-3.
Thank you to the judges for their work and my handlers Katerina Orlyk and Andy Clark-McLean. xx
2 X CACIB FCI International Dog Show EURASIA'12. July 7 - United Kingdom
Amazing new from UK : our Middle Brooke (Unitedecollar's Kepps Gettin' Better) won BEST FEMALE and her 2nd CC today.
We are impressed how good she and Andrew Clark-MacLean do together in UK.
A big thank you to the judge and Andy and Louise Clark-MacLean.
Well Done and Congrats! xx
Snt-Petersburg, Russia. June 30 - Russia
And more good news from Snct-Petersburg "The White Nights" Int Dog Show.
Gosha (Unitedcollars Knocking to Heaven Door) - CAC, CACIB, BEST MALE, BOB.
Termi ( Unitedcollars I ll Be Back) - CAC, CACIB, BEST FEMALE, BOS.
Thank you to the judges for their work and well done and congrats to our coowners Tatiana and Georgiy Onischenko
England, WINDSOR SHOW. June 29 - England
Our young girl Middle Brooke (Unitedcollars Kepps Gettin' Better) had successful debut in the UK.
She got CC at prestigious dog show WINDSOR.
WE are so proud of our Middle Brooke and our gorgeous handler Andrew Clark-McLean.
A separate BIG Thank You to the judge.
2 X CACIB FCI International Dog Show EURASIA'12. March 24-25 - EURASIA'12
24-03-12: Middle Brooke - BEST PUPPY, Paulo - won the class and BEST MALE, Johny won the class, Dga - BEST JUNIOR, Brooke - BOB.
25-03-12: Middle Brooke - BEST Puppy FEMALE, Gosha - BEST PUPPY, BEST PUPPY in SHOW-2, Paulo - won the class, Johny - won the class and BEST MALE, Brooke - won the class, Dga (11 mnths) - Best JUNIOR and final BIS.
All adult dogs got titles of CH RUSSIA.
Thank you to Louise McLean and Andrew Clark for professional handling. And a separate thank you to the judges for such a high marks of our dogs - Luis Teixeira (Spain) and Niksa Lemo (Croatia).
2 X CACIB FCI International Dog show in Kiev (Ukraine). December 10-11 - Kiev (Ukraine)
Unitedcollar team got nice result at "Crystal Cup" of the Ukraine Show here in Kiev. The Team took all classes and all tickets at Breed level: BOB, BOS, Best Male CH, Best Female CH, Dog CAC, CACIB, Reserve dog CAC, Female CAC, CACIB, Reserve Female CAC, Best Baby Puppy.....
And then baby Gosha (Unitedcollars Knocking To Heaven Door) won THe BEST BABY In SHOW and his father Johny (Mutli CH Beaufleet Bite My Dust) won BEST IN SHOW.
Congrats to all involved, thank you to Allan Marsh, Andy Clark and Louise McLean for perfect handling, and thank you to the judges for a high mark of our dogs.
My Friend. UnitedCollars AkitaVilla
Dedicated to my friend, who decided to leave Dog World - Tony Beaumont
CACIB FCI INT SHOW in Minsk (Belarus)
Brooke (Multi CH Melodor Burn The Witch) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, final BIG.
Thank you to the judges.
CACIB FCI Int Show RUSSIA. Moscow (Russia)
Brooke (Multi CH Melodor Burn The Witch) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG.
Thank you to the judges. And one more a Big Thanks to handler Andy Clark (UK).
International 2 X CACIB FCI Dog Show. Druskininkai (Lithuania)
Solo (UnitedCollars Beaufleet AkitaVilla) - CAC, BEST JUNIOR
Tony (J CH Beaufleet Owd Ya Like Me Now) - CAC, CACIB, Best Female, BOS
Johny ( J CH Beaufleet Bite My Dust) - CAC, CACIB, BEST MALE, BOB
Many thanks to judges Yolanda Nagler Magal (Israel) and Kornelija Butrimova (Lithuania)
International Dog Show 2011. Moletai (Lithuania)
We got 3 New Lithuanian Champions, CAC's, CACIB's, BPiB, BOS, BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-1. Don't forget our baby Solo, 5 mnths old who won Best Puppy In Breed and Best Puppy in Show-1. Many thanks to judges Monika Blaha (Austria) and Juan Naveda Carrero (Spain).
EURASIA 2011. Moscow (Russia)
Solo (UnitedCollars Beaufleet AkitaVilla) - very promising, CAC, RCACIB;
Brooke (Multi CH, INTER, EU WIN Melodor Burn The Witch) - excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS
EURASIA 2011. Moscow (Russia)
Solo (UnitedCollars Beaufleet AkitaVilla) - very promising, BEST BABY in BREED and BIS-2;
Brooke (Multi CH, INTER, EU WIN Melodor Burn The Witch) - excellent, CAC, RCACIB
Tony (J CH Beaufleets Owd Ya Like Me Now) - CAC, EXCELLENT, BEST FEMALE, J CH UKRAINE title.
Johny (J CH Beaufleet Bite My Dust) - CAC, EXCELLENT, RCACIB, J CH UKRAINE title.
Isaak (CH Valamar's Wicked Game) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIS-1.
Thank you to the judges for high marks of our dogs.
2 X CACIB Int Dog Show Russia'10, Moscow (Russia)
UnitedCollars Won the biggest Russian International Dog show "Rossia" today.
Isaak (Multi CH Valamar's Wicked Game) - CAC, EXCELLENT;
Tony (Beaufleet's Owd Ya Like Me Now) - JCAC , EXCELLENT;
Rampage ( CH Ruthdales Rampage)- CAC, CACIB, EXCELLENT;
Johny (Multi J CH Beaufleet's Bite My Dust) 12 months old - JCAC, CACIB and BOB!
Hugs congrats to all involved and special to my dear partner, handler and breeder of Johny - Tony Beaumont! It s way to go up:)))
2 X CACIB FCI INT Dog Show, Minsk (Belarus)
We are impressed by judgement of Russian judge Revaz Khamatsuridze. My dogs won:
Johny ( Multi J CH Beaufleet Bite My Dust) - CAC, Best Junior;
Brooke ( Multi CH, INT CH Melodor Burn The Witch) - CAC, CACIB, BOS;
Rampage ( CH Ruthdales Rampage ) - CAC, CACIB, BM, BOB.
But judge showed very bad culture.
New member of our team - Crush
We are very happy for new member of our team - lovely girl Crush ( Regalia Crush on U Orients Pride).
Thank you to Tammy Pantnode who let me get Crush.
Also thanks for Juan Pablo Landerer:)
AkitaVilla + Beaufleet's Akitas
We have decided to make a new kennel. AkitaVilla + Beaufleet's Akitas now known as UnitedCollars. We started our new venture and hope to see you in the future. Best wishes to all of you. Best regards, Tony Beaumont and Natalie Kovrigina:)
Hot dog show in Ukmerge. (Lithuania)
Hot dog show in Ukmerge (Lithuania) today.
Brooke - CAC, BF, BOB,
Isaak - CAC, BM, BOS.
The temp was 36 C = 96,8 F. So we didn't wait for BIS. It was really dangerous for dogs.
2 X CACIB FCI Int Dog Show. Moletay (Lithuania)
Matty won his class, CAC, RCACIB and new title of CH LITHUANIA.
Thank you very much to judges and our dear friend Tony Beaumont (Beaufleet Akitas) for his love to the dogs and perfect handling.
2 X CACIB Int Dog Show. Minsk (Belarus)
Incredible day! When we went to Int dog Show in Minsk our girl Varya started to produce babies. Our friend Tony Beaumont (Beaufleet Akitas) back home to help her immediately! I stayed with 6 dogs at dog show! It was so nervouis but all the dogs - Rampage, Honda, Matty, Tony, Johny won their classes, got CAC, CACIBs and Brooke got also BOB and BIG . Varya produce 2 beautiful babies from Isaak.
Thank you so much Tony for your help!!!
And handler Olga Agapova for handling of my dogs!!!
Regional dog Show. Minsk (BELARUS)
Matty got CAC, CW and new title of CH BLR
Rampage got CAC, CW, BOB, BIG, BIS-3.
Isaak - CAC, CW.
A Big Thanks for handling to Chris McLean and Anastasia Chudakova.
EURASIA-2010 (2 days) International dog show CACIB-FCI. Moscow (Russia)
1st day:
Johny - BOB baby and BBIS-1
Tony - BOS baby
Rampage - CAC, CACIB, BOS and the title CH RUS
Brooke - CAC, CACIB, BOB and the title CH RUS
2nd day:
Rampage - CAC, CACIB, BOS, CH Eurasia.
Brooke - CAC, CACIB, BOB, CH Eurasia
Akita Club of Scotland CH Show. (UK)
Tyra - CC + Best in Show
2 X CACIB FCI International Dog Show. Kiev (Ukraine)
Rampage - BEST MALE, BEST OF BREED ( on 17th of April ).
Brooke - BEST FEMALE, BEST OF BREED, BIG-1, BIS-1 ( on 18th of April ).

A hugs congrats to co-owners of Rampage Matthew Bostock and Janet Armstrong.
Also warm congrats to out big friend and co-owner of Johny and A Big Thaks for great handling to Chris McLean.
CRUFTS-2010. Birmingham (UK)
Rampage won 1st Special Yearling Dog
International Dog show CACIB-FCI. Minsk Belarus
Brooke - CAC, CACIB, BEST FEMALE, BOB on 6th of March.
Matty - CAC, BEST JUNIOR, BOB (on 7th of March)
Manchester Championship Dog Show. (UK)
Tyra - CC + BOB
Boston Championship Dog Show. ( UK )
Rampage - Best dog in Breed.
Tyra - Best Opposite Sex.
LKA Championship Dog Show. ( UK )
Tyra - J Bitch CC + BOB
Specialized V FCI GROUPE Show. Minsk ( Belarus )
Brooke got BOB, BIS and title CH of BREED.
A Big Thanks to judge Miodrag Vretenicic (Montenegro) for such high mark of Brooke.
Brooke in Luxemburg. Luxembourg
Brooke won BOB and Best in Group
OKV Centenarian Show Winner Austria Wels. Austria
Brooke - CAC CACIB Centenary Winner BOB BOG BIS
Int. Middle East Euro Winner Austria Wels. Austria
Matti - Best Junior and Middle East European Junior Winner.
International Dog Show Wels Austria. Austria
Duodanube International Show Dog. Bratislava
Matti - VP Final BIS PUPPY SHOW.
Brooke - CAC CACIB.
Duodanube International Show Dog. Bratislava
Matti - VP Final BIS Puppy
International Dog Show Druskininkay. Lithuania
Matti - VP BIS3 Puppy
International Dog Show Druskininkay. Lithuania
Matti - VP final BIS Puppy
Int Dog Show, Oberwart. Int Dog Show Szombathely. Austria
Hungary Honda got 2XCAC, 2XCACIB and The Winner of Savaria title handled by Fabrizio Manni.
Athens. Greece
Anakonda AkitaVilla won her first CAC, CACIB in Athens, handled by Fabrizio Manni.
National Dog Show ( Ukmerge ). Lithuania
Brooke got BOB, BIG, R BIS and new title CH of Lithuania under judge Ligita Zake (Latvia) handled by Natallia Kovriguina.
Southern Counties Championship Dog Show. ( UK )
Ch. Ruthdales Rampage wins his 3rd CC and he is now the youngest CH Akita Male in just 13.5 months old under Top All Round Judge Mrs Hans Lethanen handled by Liz Dunhill.
We congtarulate our dear co-owners Matthew Bostock and Janet Armstrong!!!
East of England Ch. Dog Show. England
Rampage wins Best Of Breed under Mr M Freeman
Double CACIB FCI. Minsk ( Belarus )
AkitaVilla team had nice week-end under nice judges Partha Sekhar Chaterjee (India) and Joahna Szczepanska-Korpetta (Poland) , handled by Nastya Chudakova (Russia).
Ruthdales Veni.Vedi.Vici got title of Best Puppy and Big Perspective.
Indevor Well Done became Best Junior and BIG-4.
Anakonda AkitaVilla got Best Bitch and Best Of Breed.
Southern Counties Championship Dog Show. ( UK )
Next Top Model (Tyra) got Best Puppy In Breed from the Minor Puppy Class.
Ruthdales Rampage is Winner Of Junior Dog + Best Junior in Petplan Stakes under the Judge Mrs Karina Lamare.
Rampage is now the 5th Akita to Qualify for this prestigious event over the years.
Breaking News!. 2009
AkitaVilla is happy to introduce new member of our team:
CURRENTLY THE #1 Akita Puppy Bitch of UK Ruthdales Next Top Model. This baby Tyra is probably the most beautiful puppy WE HAVE SEEN. She is daughter of Nor.CH. Olenkjold Surprise Me and Ruthdales Angel Of Thunder. Tyra is worthy of her name Next Top Model. She has fantastic results for such young akita under high expirience judges who say about her RISING STAR . She has won many Best Puppy In Breed, Best Puppy In Group, Res Best Puppy In Show. She is currently the #1 Akita Puppy Bitch in UK. We are very grateful for our breeders, co-owners and very dear friends of us Janet Armstrong and Matthew Bostock (Ruthdales Kennel) who agreeing for Tyra to be part of our UnitedCollars of Akita project. We will continue career of Tyra as well. Soon time you can see her in the most biggest show of Europe handled by top Italian handler Fabrizio Manni. LetХs go, Tyra! We believe in your star!
Dublin ( 30.May - 01.Jun. ). Ireland
Multi CH Melodor Burn The Witch won at the highly prestigious show European Winner 2009. For beginning Brooke won the CACIB and Best Of Breed under judge Mr Walter Schicker (Germany). Then she won Best In Group under judge Tamas Jakkel (Hungary). After this she won RES. BEST IN SHOW to a standing ovation from all the judges and spectators. So our girl got another new title of Irish Champion & European Winner 2009 handled by top european handler Fabrizio Manni.
Our warm congratulations to breeder and very nice person Chris McLean of Melodor Kennel. A Big Thank and Big Respect to BrookeХs handler fabulous Fab Manni who really loves dogs and presented our girl in the perfect way !!!
Also Thank you to all the judges who have thought so highly of Brooke!
Республиканская выставка собак всех пород. Minsk (Belarus)
Anakonda AkitaVilla под экспертизой судьи Краковской (Россия) получила оценку ...
Melodor Burn The Witch. New Member
AkitaVilla is proud to introduce new member of our team:
TOP AKITA EUROPE 2008 Multi CH Melodor Burn The Witch (Brooke).
Brooke is fabulous doughter of fabulous parents Ch. Beaufleets Dodging Daggers at Melodor and Melodor Free Us From Evil JW. Brooke had unbeaten run in Europe and got title of TOP AKITA EUROPE.
Brooke will continue her career as member of AkitaVilla team. A Big Thank to breeder Chris McLean (Melodor Kennel) who have given Brooke such a great career but agreeing for Brooke to join to the AkitaVilla.
Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show. Scottland
Ruthdales Rampage remains Undefeated and wins Junior Dog Currently The #1 Akita Puppy UK handled by Liz Dunhill (UK).
Brooke won. Switzerland
Int. Ch. Melodor Burn The Witch won another Champion title handled by Top Italian handler Fabrizio Manni.
Anakonda AkitaVilla. Qazan Russia
Anakonda AkitaVilla получила титул чемпион России на всероссийской двойной выставке ранга ... . CAC, BIJ 1, BOB, BIG 1, BIS 3.
Indevor and Anakonda won. Donezk (2009) Russia
Indevor Well Done got her first Junior CAC, BIS-4.
Ch Blr, Rus Anakonda AkitaVilla got BOB, BB, BIG-2 .
Under judge Svetlana Radyuk (Belarus), handled by Nastya Chudakova (Russia)