Kids winning
Hard but Winning last weeks for our kids :
Mini Brooke (Multi J CH Deja Vu AkitaVilla) - got CAC, Best Junior , 2 x BJIS and J CH titles of Moldova, Cyprus, Montenegro, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
Dita (Head Turner AkitaVilla) got brilliant debut and BEST BABY all the countries.
Solo (Multi CH Unitedcollars Beaufleet AkitaVilla) got CACs,CACIBs, BEST MALE, BOB, BIG and BIS + CH titles of Cyprus, Moldova, Georgia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan and title CH of the Caucasus.
Thank you to all the judges for their high marks of our dogs. And a big thanks to Катерина Орлик for good job she did and for her love to Solo lol xx